Guide for Measuring Barong Tagalog

We can have your Barong Tagalog custom made according to your personal measurements. You can either choose a size from our chart guide.

We are not liable for client's mistake in getting the measurements. We will make your Barong according to the measurements you provided and any alterations or adjustment can be done by any of your seamstress in your local area.

All custom made order takes about 8 weeks and will mail thru USPS.

Illustration below is how to do the exact measurements in inches for your reference.

Neck Measurement
shoulder Measurement
Measure around the lower part of your neck, placing one finger within tape measure Measure across back from one edge of shoulder to the other edge
chest measurement
waist measurement
Measure around the upper chest
Measure around the waist to the fullest
Hip Measurement
wrist measurement
Measure around the lower hip Measure around your wrist bone and place one finger within tape measure
sleeve lenght
Sleeve Length
armhole measurement
Measure with straight arm down from tip of the shoulder up to the mid palm of your hand Measure from top of the shoulder down to bottom of armhole
Bicep Measurement
Back  Length
Measure around the biggest part of the arm Measure from nape down to the tip of thumb