What is a Barong Tagalog?

Barong (bah-rong), once referred to as "baro" is considered the national dress of the Philippines.  A “transparent” type of dress shirt made primarily of organza, pina and jusi pineapple fabrics, just to name a few. It is meant to be worn untucked with an undershirt to formal events such as weddings or celebrations but has since been commonly incorporated to work attire, too. It’s become a way for the older and younger generation, alike to pay homage to the Filipino culture. Dating as far back as the pre-colonial era, Barong Tagalogs have evolved from “Baro” for men who wore them without undershirts so that they were unable to conceal any weapons to modern styles worn by men and women all over the world. From the hand embroidery, the delicacy of the fabrics and modern traditional cuts, Barong Tagalogs continue to withstand the time and remain a great way to honor the Filipino culture.